At Sowerby FRS the partners have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the healthcare sector. We act for over 100 healthcare professionals including GP practices, individual GPs, pharmacies, care homes, opticians and many other therapists and consultants. We have a detailed understanding of the issues facing the sector and can help you manage both on a day to day basis and assisting with your long term strategic aims.

GP Practices

With the ever-changing nature of the NHS and the challenges that professionals in this sector face, the need for an accountant who understands your both your business and the needs of the individual partners is imperative. At Sowerby FRS we act for over 100 GPs and GP practices and have a detailed understanding of the income streams and costs associated with your business. The partners within Sowerby FRS have a combined knowledge and experience of over 80 years working within the sector.

With such a depth of information together with our wealth of experience we are able to benchmark your accounts to ensure that they compare favourably with other practices and ensure that you are operating to your optimum capacity and are able attract new partners to ensure succession.

We also offer advice and support to your management team and the partners and provide regular seminars to keep you abreast of current developments such as the new rules on off payroll remuneration introduced on 5 April 2017. There are significant implications for the practice if rules such as these are not adhered to and we can assist and advise on the best way forward.

We have attached links to the rules and the HMRC website which show if the rules apply, be careful however as the outcome is only valid if you answer the questions correctly.

Off-Payroll Legislation on

Check employment status on

Our services are individually tailored on a client by client basis but generally include the following:


Timely preparation of your annual accounts with benchmarking.

Presentation of the accounts to the practice manager and partners to ensure you fully understand them.

Additional advice and assistance for drug dispensing practices.

Assistance with superannuation estimates and completion of associated certificates.

Prepare the partnership Self-Assessment Tax Return.

Cash Management

As you know the management of the practice cashflows is very important and ensuring that the practice, as well as the individual doctors, has sufficient cash to meet its obligations, including its tax demands is very important.

Preparation and presentation of quarterly or monthly management accounts.

Planning a drawing and tax saving/payment schedule.

Preparation of projections and cashflow forecasts.

Provision of book-keeping and payroll services

Strategic Assistance

The need to look at the long-term goals and aspirations creates further need for specialist advice which we can assist the practice, partners and management with:

  • Advice and assistance on securing finance.
  • Advice and assistance on cost and notional rent and service charges.
  • Advice and assistance with Estates and Technology Transformation Funds (ETTF) or improvement grants.
  • Advice and assistance with GP practice mergers and takeovers.
  • Advice and assistance with retirement and succession planning.
  • Advice and assistance with partnership agreements.

GP Partners

As with the practice we understand the challenges currently faced by GP partners and can offer detailed and comprehensive advice on all those challenges. We work closely with the GP partners as we know that sometimes their needs differ from the practice.

Our services include:

Preparation of your Self-Assessment tax return.

Review of your tax position with advice on tax planning to mitigate your tax liabilities.

Prepare and process your personal expense claims.

Advice and assistance with Locum incomes.

Advice in respect of the tax implications of the NHS pension scheme.

Whilst we are not independent financial advisers, we do work closely with several specialists in the sector and together with them are able to assist in the following areas.

Review and advice on annual allowance and lifetime allowance pension rules.

Assistance and advice on retirement planning.


With an increasing number of medical professionals choosing to operate as locums rather than as GP partners or salaried GPs, the need for specialist advice that caters for your specific circumstances and financial affairs has risen.

You are running a small business and therefore the need for the same quality advice is imperative.

Both the new and old tax regimes that impact on your business can, if not dealt with correctly, lead to significant penalties and tax implications for both you and your business.

As with GP practices our services are tailored to suit individual client needs but will generally include the following:

Preparation of your Self-Assessment tax return.

Review of your tax position with advice on tax planning to mitigate your tax liabilities.

Prepare and process your personal expense claims.

Consideration of the merits of incorporation. An increasing number of locums are offering their services through a limited company; however, the tax implications can be far reaching and onerous. In particular there is a need to review potential VAT implications, a tax that most medical professionals and their advisers ignore at their peril.

Rehabilitation and Wellbeing Services

RDS yet to write also should we write one for opticians only act for one but it is healthcare related.


With over 11,000 pharmacies operating within England and 40% of those independently owned, the need for specialist advice is key. In recent years the sector has seen a change in the way funding is allocated with many pharmacies now offering enhanced services to maximise the income streams. The main issue however is the drive to reduce the overall cost to the NHS and therefore that has seen a reduction in funding and profitability over the last few years.

We understand the needs of the sector and can offer detailed accounts including reviewing your margins and wage costings and benchmarking these to ensure that the profitability is in keeping with other pharmacies.

We are also aware that for most, independent pharmacies are held as part of the business owner’s retirement strategy and can therefore assist and advise on how to ensure maximisation of the pharmacy when the time comes to sell.

Whilst we understand that drug dispensing doctors are different the basic income, costs and challenges are similar.

Care Homes

The demands of the aging population mean that the demand for provision of retirement and care homes has increased significantly. There have however been significant profitability pressures with the demand for austerity within government funding and the increases in wages due to the rise in Living Wage.

There is also a shift in emphasis with more resources being targeted at care in the community and ever-increasing demand within the more challenging sector of dealing with residents suffering from mental health issues.

The need for an adviser who understand these challenges and helps and supports you is imperative.

We can help analyse your occupancy rates, key food and wage margins and benchmark these with others in the sector.

The largest asset is obviously the care home itself and due to its specialist nature, you can claim significant capital allowances for the integral features and we can ensure that this is done in a timely and effective manner.

With recent changes to the PAYE system and the introduction of the auto-enrolment workplace pension legislation the operation of the business payroll has become increasingly onerous and we can offer a full cost effective outsourcing payroll service leaving you with time to concentrate on the day to day running of your business.


Our Healthcare Sector Specialists

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