Renewables and FiT Business

This is a sector that has growth significantly over the last ten years. Whether the investment has been made to diversify, control and manage energy costs for your own business or simply as a good investment, we can help you.

We can ensure that this part of your business is tax effective by giving advice on how the business should be structured, whether included within your existing business structure or set up within a separate entity.

Whilst many of the original sources of renewal energy are no longer viable, or are impossible to obtain due to planning legislation, new technology arrives on a regular basis which can be utilised to generate sufficient returns. Whilst larger scale PV and wind turbines are no longer the area of expansion, new areas such are gas turbine generation or battery storage are starting to replace them. Smaller scale PV, ground source or air source heating systems together with biomass are still areas to explore for some businesses especially where they have added benefits to the end produce from a sustainability point of view, this can certainly help when selling your produce into the large retailers as they can sell the message to the end users.

We can assist you in evaluating the proposition, and where viable, help raise the finance to develop the project.


Our Renewables and FiT Business Sector Specialists

Whether you are looking for a new accountant or simply would like a second opinion on your business, we offer a free initial meeting consultation on an absolutely no obligation basis with one of our industry specialists.

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